In Memorium

Miss Asti Spumante

Miss Asti Spumante
September 1999 - October 2013

kitty paw printsAnd God asked Miss Asti ….
        Are you ready to come home?
        Oh, yes, quite so,
        Replied her precious soul.
        As a cat, you know I am most able
        To decide anything for myself.

kitty paw printsAre you coming then?
        asked God.
        Soon, replied Miss Asti
        But I must come slowly,
        For my family is troubled
        You see, they need me,
        Quite certainly.

kitty paw prints But don't they understand?
       asked God
       That you'll never leave them?
       That your souls are intertwined
       For all eternity
       Forever and ever and ever?

kitty paw printsEventually they will understand,
        Replied the glorious Miss Asti
        For I will whisper into their hearts
        That I am always with them
        Forever and ever and ever ....

Our beloved Miss Asti Spumante - rest in peace little one .....

kitty paw prints